Support the Exonerated

Nathan Brown and his child.

When people are freed after years of wrongful incarceration, they’re faced with the daunting task of rebuilding their lives from scratch. Supporting freed people, their friends, and families as they navigate the transition back into a changed world is a core component of what we do at the Innocence Project.

The Innocence Project is deeply committed to providing holistic support to the people we serve. Even before our clients’ release from prison, our team of social workers connects with them and, where possible, their families and friends to assess what support they will need to reestablish their lives and thrive. We provide assistance with the simple things so many of us take for granted — from locating birth certificates and Social Security Numbers to finding family members, securing housing, looking for employment, or connecting to critical medical, dental, and mental health care that is so desperately needed after years of inadequate institutional treatment — while offering intense emotional support. Every client experiences a journey of adjustment and healing, and our seasoned social workers are there at every step to resource and counsel so exonerees can prosper in their new lives.

Through our Exoneree Fund, we are able to offer exonerated clients financial support for rent and utilities for their first year out. Every year, we distribute critical funds to clients who are working to create a safe and comfortable home for themselves after years of institutionalized living.

In addition to providing individual support, the Innocence Project organizes workshops, support groups, and opportunities for exonerated people to create community, share their truth, and lend unique support to each other, their families, and friends.

Help free the innocent


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