Help to free the innocent, transform unjust systems, and advance the movement for change. Join us.

(Image: Sameer Abdel-Khalek/ Innocence Project)

Our Work

The Innocence Project works to create fair, compassionate, and equitable systems of justice; free the innocent; and prevent wrongful convictions. Our work is guided by science and grounded in anti-racism, and we are looking for phenomenal people to join us in the fight.

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Employees repeatedly tell us that the number one reason they love working at the Innocence Project is the opportunity to work alongside brilliant, extraordinarily talented peers who are driving powerful change. They cite a deep connection to our mission and work, along with a fundamental respect for our clients, who inspire us every day. Our staff members value the strong sense of belonging they feel within their respective teams and with their direct supervisors, and share a commitment to high-quality, collaborative work. 

As a community, we create many opportunities to connect with each other, learn about each other as individuals, and enjoy some respite as a balance to this often difficult work. We take care of each other (which often involves home-baked treats), we laugh together, we care about our collective well-being, and we hold a number of social events to foster these relationships.


As the staff of the Innocence Project, we are charged with carrying out a hugely important vision and mission to serve the wrongfully convicted and make systemic change in the U.S. carceral, legal, and legislative institutions. Racism, oppression, violence, inhumanity, indignity, and a lack of accountability and empathy are fundamental pieces of what our clients and others in our communities have experienced at the hands of the U.S. criminal legal system, and they are fundamental to what we seek to overcome and interrupt in our work and in our workplace. The core values we strive to unite around and hold ourselves to are antidotes to these things. They are guiding lights that inspire and enable us to do our best work, be our best selves, and create the strongest community we can to meet our collective mission. Our core values are: Accountability, Collaboration, Empathy and Compassion, Equity, Person-Centeredness, Quality Focus, and Self Awareness.

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