Advancing the Movement

Advancing the Movement

Our community of partners, advocates, and supporters is central to our work in advancing criminal and racial justice.  

Together with other innocence organizations, we work to broaden the reach of the innocence movement. We are the headquarters of the Innocence Network, a coalition of more than 70 independently funded organizations that provide investigative support, legal representation, and assistance to people with claims of innocence in 50 states and 12 countries outside of the U.S. Innocence Network member organizations have collectively exonerated more than 750 wrongfully convicted people since the Network was founded in 2005. 

Through our digital engagement efforts, Speakers Bureau, and Innocence Project Ambassadors, we educate the public on wrongful conviction and grow support for our fight for a more just criminal legal system. Additionally, we continue to quantify the phenomenon of wrongful conviction and collaborate closely with researchers on studies and initiatives that can help better inform our innocence work.

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Our Network Support Unit works closely with Innocence Network members across the globe to build capacity in the innocence movement.

Research on Wrongful Convictions

As leaders in research on wrongful conviction, we provide resources, including statistics, data sources, and literature, to researchers, attorneys, and those interested in learning more.

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Our speakers are experts who teach about wrongful convictions at schools, colleges, companies, organizations, and more.

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