Eyewitness Identification Reform

Pennsylvania has no eyewitness identification reform policy.

Recording of Interrogations

Pennsylvania has no law requiring recorded interrogations.

Post Conviction DNA Testing

State statute provides that anyone convicted of a criminal offense may apply for post-conviction DNA testing. In 2018, the law was amended to: allow people who plead guilty to apply for testing, allow people who are no longer under state supervision to apply for testing, ensure eligibility for testing regardless of whether DNA technology became available after trial, and extend the time to file for relief with DNA testing results from 60 days to one year. Effective: 2002; Amended most recently: 2018.

Read the statute.

Evidence Preservation

State statute requires that upon a petition for post-conviction DNA testing, any remaining biological evidence from that case must be preserved for criminal offenses. Upon receiving the court order, the state must preserve the evidence during the pendency of the proceeding. Effective: 2002.

Pennsylvania's statute does NOT meet the best practices standards outlined by the NIST Technical Working Group on Biological Evidence Preservation.

Read the statute.

Exoneree Compensation

Pennsylvania has no state compensation law.

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