Eyewitness Identification Reform

In 2015, the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) released a model policy for eyewitness identification procedures. The model policy includes: blind administration, proper use of fillers, proper instructions to the witness, witness confidence statements, and the recordation of identification procedure as well as the preservation of those recordings. The KLC policy also includes procedure for show up identifications. Adopted: 2015.

Read the model policy

Recording of Interrogations

Kentucky has no law requiring recorded interrogations.

Post Conviction DNA Testing

A person convicted of a capital offense or certain felonies and violent offenses is permitted to petition the court for post-conviction DNA testing at any time. Effective: 2002; Amended most recently: 2013.

Read the statutes: Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann 422.285


Evidence Preservation

State statute requires that law enforcement agencies preserve biological evidence collected in a class A, B, C, or D felony, or a capital offense for the period a defendant is incarcerated in connection with that conviction. Effective: 2002; Amended most recently: 2019.

Kentucky's statute does NOT meet the best practices standards outlined by the NIST Technical Working Group on Biological Evidence Preservation.

Read the statute.

Exoneree Compensation

Kentucky has no compensation law.

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