Eyewitness Identification Reform

Kansas has no eyewitness identification reform policy.

Recording of Interrogations

State statute requires all law enforcement agencies in the state to adopt a written policy requiring electronic recording of custodial interrogations for homicide and felony sex offenses by July 2018. Effective: 2017.

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Post Conviction DNA Testing

According to state statute, any prisoner convicted of murder or rape may petition the court that entered the guilty judgment for post-conviction DNA testing. Effective: 2001; Amended most recently: 2013.

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Evidence Preservation

State statute requires that upon a petition for DNA testing the court must order all biological evidence to be preserved for murder and rape convictions. The prosecuting attorney must ensure that the existing biological evidence from the case is preserved until post-conviction proceedings are completed. Effective: 2001; Amended most recently: 2013.

Kansas' statute does NOT meet the best practices standards outlined by the NIST Technical Working Group on Biological Evidence Preservation.

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Exoneree Compensation

An exonerated person is entitled to $65,000 per year of wrongful imprisonment and $25,000 per year wrongfully served on parole, probation, or the sex offender registry. An exoneree is also entitled to social services including: housing and tuition assistance, counseling, participation in the state’s health care program, and financial literacy training. Effective: July 2018.

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