Just Data: Advancing the Innocence Movement

Just Data is the Innocence Project’s annual virtual gathering dedicated to elevating social science, connecting diverse stakeholders, and promoting practical research to advance the innocence movement. Check back for regular updates on the upcoming 2023 event, hosted by the Data Science & Research team.

Notable Dates

  • Just Data Conference: November 9, 2023

Research Questions From the Innocence Project

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A Look Back at Our Inaugural Just Data Conference

The Innocence Project’s (IP) work has always been guided by science and in 2022 we proudly hosted our first ever international research conference, ” Just Data: Advancing the Innocence Movement.” It was the IP’s inaugural gathering dedicated to social science research on wrongful convictions.

We featured presentations from four different research teams; a unique keynote conversation with a guest who has direct experience surviving wrongful conviction and conducting social science research; and a discussion with IP colleagues,  who are attorneys, social workers, and experts from our policy, intake, and communications teams, about questions they need researchers to investigate in order to better support their daily work.

The conference will be held annually and aims to elevate the profile of data, science, and research in the innocence movement by showcasing the latest social science research, fostering collaboration with leading scholars across disciplines, and inspiring new practical areas of research.

This free event was held virtually to maximize accessibility for a diverse community of expert, early-career, and student researchers around the world. The IP’s data science & research team is eager to continue driving the wrongful conviction research agenda and welcomes all who are interested to join the just data movement.

Read a recap of our first-ever virtual social science research conference here.

Watch the 2022 “Just Data” conference.

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For questions or suggestions related to the upcoming conference or feedback on last year’s convening, please email us at science@innocenceproject.org.

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