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Renewed calls for Texas Innocence Commission

Legislators are again calling for the creation of a panel in Texas to study the problem of wrongful convictions and consider reforms proven to prevent injustice. In Texas, 29 wrongful convictions have been overturned by DNA testing – more than any other state – but a proposed Innocence Commission did not pass the legislature this year.

State Sen. Rodney Ellis, the chairman of the Innocence Project Board of Directors, introduced the 2007 bill and plans to renew his efforts in 2008. He has been speaking with Senate colleagues about the proposed bill and asked Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst to order an interim study on the commission.

"I think the exonerations are clear and convincing evidence that the system is broken," said Ellis, a Houston Democrat. "In no other sphere of public policy would rational people see this many exonerations and not be willing to be able to pull together a panel of experts to ask what went wrong and what can be learned from those cases."

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. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 09/30/07)

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of the six states that have already created innocence commissions.

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  1. Cecil Lee Russell says:

    This problem is acerbated by the corruption in the judicial system, not only in Texas but, it reaches into the Federal courts as well. The fundamental issue isn’t evidence, it is strict adherence to the mountains of regulations and procedures that act as a barrier to actual justice. It is lawyer and judge created and administered.
    I am 100% INNOCENT of the allegations of sexual assault against me and the violations of both state and federal law by the Amarillo Police Department, the 47th District Attorneys office, the 251st District Court, aided and abetted by my court appointed attorney-all of which is clearly documented in the existing court records and ignored by every court I have appealed to because of “procedural errors” has allowed a corrupt prosecutor in league with a drug dealer by the name of J P Philpott, to obtain and maintain an illegal criminal conviction which is completely void on its face. Combine that with all of the local media ignoring the issue when presented to them. How does this much absolute corruption continue except by drug money that OWNS Texas judiciary.

Thanks for your comment

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