Virginia Exoneree Receives Compensation


Virginia Exoneree Receives Compensation

Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia has signed legislation that will provide exoneree Thomas Haynesworth with roughly $1 million in compensation for the 27 years that he spent wrongfully imprisoned. Haynesworth was convicted of a series of Richmond-area sexual assaults that occurred in the 80’s and declared innocent by the Virginia Court of Appeals in December of 2011. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Haynesworth is content with the sum:

“It’s not what it could have been, but it’s all right, I’m content with it,” he said.


“You always want more,” he said, noting how many years he spent in prison. “You think you’re worth more and your life’s worth more.”

The settlement comes out to roughly $37,000 for each year Haynesworth spent in prison, still falling short of the $50,000 per-year federal standard.


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Vivian Sziezbe June 14, 2021 at 9:01 pm Reply   

There are pivotal cornerstones, when one should wrestle with the pride, and chose humbleness as a board. As a Christian, I believe that Thomas should be compensated properly, to reflect the dignity and value of innocence and the arduous battle for exoneration. When the states award millions in lottery winfalls related to vaccination, how much more value is this regal, peaceful man who stands shoulders above in character and grace. Justice must be served in this important case of innocence. Recompense Thomas for then 27 years he laboured unjustly behind bars with a just monetary sum, and make right this insincere showcase of 1 million equivalent for time served, for the sake of upholding the foundations and cornerstones of compassion for human right, worth and dignity.

Mike Gibbons August 12, 2020 at 4:25 pm Reply   

A wrongful conviction spending 27 years behind bars and only getting 1 million!! Shame on the US system. Should of got 27 million for those years he lost which he cannot replace. A total disgrace. I hope Thomas lives a long life and enjoys the time with his family.

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