Meet the Team that Reads Thousands of Letters from People Fighting for their Innocence

05.10.16 By Innocence Staff

Meet the Team that Reads Thousands of Letters from People Fighting for their Innocence

From 1993 to 2015, we received over 51,000 letters from people in prison asking for help on their cases. The Intake Department is responsible for managing, analyzing, and vetting each letter to determine if we will be able to provide legal assistance.

Watch the video, concluding our series on National Letter Writing Month, to get a sense of how it happens:

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Steven Harris August 19, 2020 at 2:39 pm Reply   

Greetings Mark Anthony Williams I reside in the State of Mississippi and my name is Steven Harris I’m the Executive Director of 2nd Chance Initiative Ms Now LLC and I have been advocating for thousands of prisoners in the State of Mississippi where we all know about the knee deep corruption and if you’re interested then I have hundreds of interviews and letters from prisoners in Mississippi speaking about the horror stories as well as corruption and horrific conditions of confinement including but not limited to stories of actual innocence so if you want to connect with me then feel free to do so via email
Additionally, I have written a book about my own ordeal of being victimized by the criminal Justice system on a mistaken identity but luckily I learned the law and fought my way out and 30 days from my release I got a paid scholarship to attend college and is currently pursuing my law degree plus I fought against the entire state of Mississippi and reaped victory on behalf of my twin brother whom was held in jail for 11 years no trial no nothing and my twin is free today all charges dropped so my story has reached millions of people in hope of inspiring someone that all things are possible in the realm of possibilities because I am living proof…

Mark Anthony Williams June 6, 2020 at 6:06 pm Reply   

Hi my name is Mark Anthony Williams and I’m an actor living in Los Angeles. I have an idea but I don’t know if legal parameters will prevent this from happening. But I would like to take letters written by inmates and have them read by actors in a monologue style performance to help highlight the need for prison reform and bring attention to the under representation available to inmates- I have actor friends of all genders who would love to participate- finding a location to shoot won’t be a problem- I wait for your response- Thank you.

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