Happy World DNA Day!

04.25.18 By Innocence Staff

Happy World DNA Day!

To commemorate World DNA Day, we launched a special feature exploring the history of DNA and its unique role in proving innocence. Through an interactive timeline and riveting stories of some of the first beneficiaries of DNA testing including, Gary Dotson, Kirk Bloodsworth and Paula Gray, you can see how DNA technology has evolved in the last few decades to help restore the freedom of 356 people in the United States.

Source: Innocence Project

Here are some of the key facts about DNA exonerations in the U.S.:

  • 37 states where DNA exonerations have been won
  • 356 DNA exonerations in the U.S. since 1989
  • 20 DNA exonerees were sentenced to death row
  • 45% of DNA cases involved the misapplication of forensic science
  • 70% of DNA cases involved eyewitness identification
  • 256/356 DNA exonerees compensated
  • 4,876 total number of years served by DNA exonerees
  • 29% of DNA exonerations involved false confessions
  • 16% of DNA exonerations involved informants
  • 153 true suspects and/or perpetrators identified by post-conviction DNA testing
  • 62% of DNA exonerees identify as black


To learn more about the history of DNA testing, its role in proving innocence and the exonerees who were exonerated through DNA testing, visit our special feature website here.

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