Dallas Man Released After 14 Years


Richard Miles was arrested and convicted of murder and attempted murder in 1995 and, after 14 years behind bars, has been released after the court ruled that police failed to alert both the prosecution and defense to a phone call implicating a different suspect before trial.

With help from Centurion Ministries, Miles had his conviction overturned on October 13; the prosecution has not announced whether or not they will pursue a new trial against Miles:

The DA's office said that it will continue to investigate the case but that the new information makes it question Miles' guilt. Prosecutors are also trying to determine whether charges can be brought against anyone else.

[State District Judge Andy] Chatham told Miles as he stood before the judge's bench that he could not guarantee anything, but it appeared that his convictions would be overturned by the Court of Criminal Appeals. Chatham released Miles on his own recognizance, meaning Miles did not have to pay bail.

Read the report here.

(Dallas Morning News, 10/13/09)


Judge Chatham was swayed by the fact that officers failed to properly investigate the phone call from a woman telling officers that her ex-boyfriend confessed to the crime. Critics of Miles’ original conviction argue that there were other examples of misconduct: several witnesses told investigating officers that Miles was not the gunman, and although Miles tested positive for low levels of gunpowder residue, he had been tested after he had already been handcuffed. In addition, there was no serological evidence introduced.


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