Board Member Jason Flom Premieres Podcast Series on Wrongful Convictions

07.19.16 By Innocence Staff

Board Member Jason Flom Premieres Podcast Series on Wrongful Convictions

Jason Flom has long been a dedicated advocate of fighting injustice of the American criminal justice system. As a founding board member of the Innocence Project, he’s actively partnered with the organization in its mission to free wrongfully convicted people and transform the criminal system through driving meaningful policy reform. Now, he’s taking his passion around creating a more just system to the digital airwaves. Starting on in mid-September, Flom will debut an original podcast series, Wrongful Conviction.

Produced by reVolver, Wrongful Conviction will detail the remarkable stories of people who were exonerated with help from the Innocence Project and other innocence organizations and attorneys. In one-on-one interviews with Flom, exonerees will “share never-before-heard aspects of their experiences with injustice, incarceration, and ultimately, survival,” reports Business Wire.

“These stories are real life tragedies and each one teaches us a lesson. Our criminal justice system is in desperate need of reform and we have hundreds of examples to prove that point. My hope is that when people download and listen to Wrongful Conviction they will be inspired to join me in this fight,” said Flom to Business Wire.

Look for Wrongful Conviction at in September.


@santanaraymond was 14 years old when he was arrested with four other teenagers for one of the most notorious crimes in NY history, the brutal rape and attempted murder of the “Central Park Jogger”. He was interrogated for 15 hours without a lawyer and with no food, sleep or water, threatened and beaten by cops and eventually forced to confess. Six weeks later tests of biological evidence from the crime scene proved that it was a single perpetrator and excluded all 5 of the kids but they were tried and convicted anyway. Raymond served 11 years in prison and was freed when the real perp, Mattias Reyes confessed. Reyes had already been a suspect in another rape but the cops ignored the evidence and he subsequently raped 4 more women and murdered 1. It was an honor to have Raymond as a guest on my podcast, @wrongfulconviction stay tuned for the official launch in early September with @revolverpodcasts

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Dawn Winkelman August 23, 2018 at 1:28 pm Reply   

Please i need help trying to get my son out of prision he was wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not do can someone give us address so he can write to we have evedence showing his were abouts .lie detector test 100% passed
Stephen E Hogg na7666
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Houtxdale pa.16698-1000

Karok Van De Venter ( for Robert Wilt, Jr.) August 13, 2018 at 3:48 pm Reply   

I have prayed in faith that the Lord would reveal a way for my son. He was coerced, bullied, and scared into a plea. His Pub. Defender lied to him. My son has cerebral palsy, has never stood or walked, cannot independently sit up and has the good use of o e gabd, one arm, one eye and good speech. He has had it difficult ( without) complaint his entire life. Now the injustice of all of this is ruining it even. I need help for him now. Please please have someone get in touch with me for more details of his truth, someone who is willing to get his sentence overturned and other necessary things to make him whole. He has so much to offer, even with his limitations. I say disabled should be God is able. The court proceedings were in Ohio Co. IN. He is in a nursing home on parole and I, his mother, is in Lou., IT. My son has 65 IQ and was deemed incompetent to make his own decisions in a Neuro psychological evaluation and his Pub. Defender knew this and still coerced him into a plea.

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