A Historic Election Means Historic Opportunity


A memorable election cycle came to a close last night around 11 p.m., with Barack Obama elected President of the United States, and with changes in the landscape of the U.S. Congress and in dozens of state legislatures around the country.

The last two years had their moments of divisiveness and partisanship, but they also showed an America ready to work together to rebuild a struggling economy and begin addressing dozens of other challenges ahead. Improving the nation’s criminal justice system, by addressing the causes of wrongful conviction, is one of these challenges – and it will take a new national dedication to nonpartisan problem-solving to make progress.

Wrongful convictions are an issue that affects us all, and it will take involvement from a wide community to address these problems. There are countless innocent people behind bars in the United States today, and more innocent defendants are being wrongfully convicted and arrested today. Criminal justice reform is non-partisan; it is an issue of justice and public safety. The Innocence Project works with Republicans, Independents and Democrats across the country to advance reforms that will help free the innocent, solve cold cases, catch real perpetrators, preserve crucial biological evidence, prevent false confessions, avoid wrongful arrests and help our police departments focus on the important work to keep our communities safe. In today’s new political landscape, with an aura of cooperation and bipartisanship in the air, we ask that you join us in working for a criminal justice system that is fair, honest and open. It’s time to make it happen.

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