Archie Williams is Free after 36 years, Now Louisiana’s Legislature Must Act

Archie Williams moments after he was exonerated in March 2018 after 36 years in Angola prison.

Call you lawmaker today and urge them to support HB 226: 225-475-9766

Mistaken eyewitness identification is a leading cause of wrongful conviction, playing a role in the cases of 33 people in Louisiana who were convicted of crimes they did not commit. One of these people—Archie Williams—was wrongly convicted of rape and served 36 years in prison after he was misidentified by the victim. The jury was never told about the many problems with the identification, including that the victim identified him only after viewing him in three separate photo arrays.

House Bill 226 will ensure that fact finders at trial will have all relevant evidence, such as expert testimony, to reach accurate verdicts. 

Louisiana is one of two states to bar judges from admitting memory and eyewitness identification experts at trial. This must change. Judges should be allowed to decide whether expert testimony would be helpful on a case-by-case basis to ensure innocent people are not wrongly convicted.  

HB 226 is being voted on tomorrow, May 21. Please ask your State Rep. to support it so that others don’t suffer the horror of a wrongful conviction like Archie Williams!

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