The Importance of Expunging Wrongful Convictions


Entre Nax Karage

served more than six years in Texas prison for a murder he didn’t commit before DNA testing proved his innocence in 2005. Unfortunately, he’s still paying the price for the injustice.

According to court papers filed recently by Karage, he was hired in April 2008 by Wackenhut to work as a security guard at a bank branch. He says that he was then fired two months later, however, after an online background check turned up the wrongful murder convictions which should have been removed from his record.

Criminal record databases are often outdated and could include information on convictions that have been overturned by DNA testing or other evidence. The Imperative Blog, which follows news about employment-related background checks,

asks today if “we need an Innocence Project for employment applicants


Ensuring that a criminal record has truly been expunged is one of the struggles facing the exonerated upon release from prison. For more on life after exoneration, and today’s update on exoneree compensation efforts around the country,

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