To Our Supporters: You Give Us Much to Be Thankful For

11.21.16 By Innocence Staff

To Our Supporters: You Give Us Much to Be Thankful For

Thursday, November 24, marks the Thanksgiving holiday, but here at the Innocence Project, we’re already taking stock of all we have to be thankful for this year. While we acknowledge that we’re in the midst of unpredictable and changing times in our country, we also recognize that we still have much to be grateful for. From witnessing six of our clients regain their freedom to helping lead the successful passage of more fair and just criminal justice laws and practices, there have been notable victories in 2016. And the only way we got the work done was through the thoughtful and generous support of people like you.

We thank you for donating. Your money furthers our mission. Because of your financial support, this year we helped to free individuals in North Carolina, New York, Virginia, Philadelphia and New Jersey. And since regaining their lives, we’ve provided them with financial assistance as they now make their way back into the world. Your support has made all of that work possible.

We thank you for giving your time. This past summer, the Innocence Project joined Ambassador Chris Martin and the other members of Coldplay on the American leg of their “Head Full of Dreams” tour. At concert venues all across the country, we met incredible people—volunteers who gave of themselves and their time to spread the word about the Innocence Project and the Innocence Network to concertgoers.

And this fall, we had the privilege to partner with activist and musician Joan Baez on her new tour to raise awareness around wrongful conviction. Again, so many wonderful people came out and shared their time and energy, introducing others to the work we do.

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Lastly, we thank you for sharing your thoughts, opinions and encouragement. Every day through social media, we receive an outpouring of support and love from people like you, thanking us for our work and urging us to do more. Over the past year, we’ve seen our online family grow dramatically. And over the next year, we look forward to coming up with new ways for you to be engaged and to expand our circle of supporters.

So, in the spirit of the season, thank you for all that you give to us and to our clients. You make our work possible.

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Robin Wilder November 28, 2016 at 3:10 am Reply   

My son has been wrongly accused of sexual assault but at the university of new hampshire. Once the investigation was over. He was not accused of sexual assault but he was accused of endangering the person’s safety. He was put on probation until the girl graduates, basically kicked out since all he and the girl are freshman. Do you know of resources to sue the university? My son received a full scholarship to the and all have been taken away abruptly