News 03.30.16

Why Susan Allen Gives to the Innocence Project

By Susan Allen

Before I met my husband Steve 17 years ago I was a proponent of capital punishment.  I thought that certain crimes warranted it.  But Steve convinced me that there are people on death row who are not guilty. I realized what a heinous act it would be to execute an innocent person.

A lot of people think wrongful convictions only happen to criminals, that the person must have done something to get picked up and questioned, but it often happens to innocent people; someone who may look similar to the perpetrator, someone who may have been wrongly implicated by a witness, someone who may have been coerced to confess by police, etc.  The concept of someone being incarcerated for decades, perhaps even on death row, for a crime they did not commit is hard to stomach. That is why I choose to support the Innocence Project and their work to free the innocent and vindicate the wrongfully convicted.

Susan is an Adult Protection Social Worker from Washington State. 


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