News 02.13.17

New Documentary, Surviving Death Row, Premieres Tonight

By Innocence Staff

International media outlet Al Jazeera has produced a short documentary film entitled Surviving Death Row that will air tonight and will be available to view online until March 12. The film tells the story four men—Ron Keine, Shujaa Graham, Greg Wilhoit and Albert Burrell—who were convicted and sent to death row, only to later be found innocent and exonerated of the crimes for which they were nearly put to death. Now friends, the men have joined the organization Witness to Innocence where they advocate for abolishing capital punishment. Nearly 160 people have been exonerated from death row since 1973.

Watch the compelling documentary Surviving Death Row below:

Filmmakers Guillermo Abril and Alvaro Corcuera explain what it was like for them to make this film: “Watching the exonerees when they got together was a moving experience. They had long, deep conversations. Besides being friends, they were “pain mates,” according to Al Jazeera. “When they met, they did not have to justify anything. Nobody judged them or asked them questions. They just laughed and enjoyed their freedom together.”

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  1. I went to watch this (Surviving Death Row) today but found it to be “removed by user.” I had taken note earlier, from an email y’all sent, that it would be available to watch until March 12, 2017. Where can I find it?

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