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Remembering Troy Davis

By Innocence Staff

Troy Anthony Davis entering Chatham County Superior Court during his trial on his Aug. 22, 1991. (Image: AP Photo/Savannah Morning News)

On Sept. 21, 2011 the State of Georgia likely murdered an innocent person—Troy Davis who maintained his innocence in the murder of a police officer. A year later, Davis’ sister vowed to abolish the death penalty.

Speaking to the Guardian, Kimberly Davis said that her family was still determined to clear his name. Seven of the nine witnesses who identified Davis as the shooter have recanted their testimony.

“They insisted on executing an innocent man despite so much doubt around the case. If those seven witnesses were credible enough to put my brother on death row, then why weren’t they credible when they recanted?” Davis said.

“My brother was murdered by the state of Georgia. For the Troy Davises who came before him, and the Troy Davises who will come after him, we want to stop the killing of innocent men,” Davis said.

Shortly before Davis’ death, the Innocence Project sent a letter to the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles to commute Troy Davis’ death sentence to life due to serious questions about his guilt. A group of organizations and activists delivered a petition with more than 660,000 signatures calling on the Board of Pardons and Paroles to stop Davis’ execution. In a three to two vote, the members of the Board ultimately rejected the clemency bid.

“The struggle for justice doesn’t end with me. This struggle is for all the Troy Davises who came before me and all the ones who will come after me … I will not stop fighting until I’ve taken my last breath.” Troy Davis

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  1. Kathleen Fout says:

    Troy Davis execution is a travesty. It saddens me that in 2020 people are willing to steal the life of an innocent man and then murder him. May God grant his soul peace and comfort in heaven.

  2. Michael La Riviere says:

    When I read or hear more of these cases it more than moves me it generates an outcry for justice that screams revenge. I am confounded that black people in the U.S. have not declared war upon the U.S. establishment. For those of you who have not risen from the depths of oblivion and the hidden truths of U.S. crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide around the world, I say you owe it to yourself to know that your government at the federal, state, and municipal levels are saturated in criminal activity beyond your wildest imagination. Edward Snowden has only revealed the smallest amount of the real evidence to illustrate that truth. Only the naive, gullible and too young to be anything other than the epitome of innocence are believers in the USA being a wonderful and great country…actually it is – for the select few! The U.S. justice system is rigged as are many of its institutions – but not only against blacks. If you are poor, disenfranchised, or a person of colour in the U.S. you are a target for blame for all the wrongs which the select few calculatingly promote through malicious blogs, advertising and campaigning during elections.

    The USA is believed to be the most corrupt government in the western alliance and maybe the world. Yes, more corrupt than China and Russia combined. The USA also stands for being the most untrustworthy country in the world having successfully overthrown more than 40 countries the majority of which were democracies with legitimate governments and the U.S. replaced them with dictatorships who serve the US 1%. The U.S. has attempted to overthrow more than 70 countries around the world, most of which were democratically elected and posed no threat to anyone, least of all the USA. While the U.S. government supports capitalist multinational corporations that steal other country’s wealth by buying off foreign governments to do so, millions around the world have died and continue to suffer, including the minorities in the U.S. such as blacks, Hispanics, Indigenous the disenfranchised and the poor so the rich and wealthy can continue their exploits preying on the disadvantaged. What is confounding to me is that the very same people that are targets and victims of your policies are also completely ignorant of your government’s dirty deeds and crimes and dwell in this place of oblivion without the faintest clue that the devil that created their lives of misery are the people they are supporting politically. One thing I am obligated to give you credit for is you have done an exemplary job of keeping your minions drowning in propaganda and keeping them ignorant of these heinous crimes your government commits daily around the world and at home.

    No one can trust the USA – not Americans, not so called allies and especially not Canada but all these countries must walk a delicate line. Why? Because the USA is the most powerful military country in the world and they have crazy people behind the controls of WMDs. It isn’t Iraq, Afghanistan or Iran we have to watch, it is the U.S. government and especially the Republican governments at all three levels.
    Michael La Riviere

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