Improve Law through the Courts

The Innocence Project’s Strategic Litigation department works through the courts and the legal system to address the leading causes of wrongful conviction and prevent future injustice. Established in 2012, the department’s three full time staff attorneys use multiple strategies to make judges, attorneys and policymakers aware of the inaccuracy of unvalidated forensic science disciplines and the potentially unreliable nature of eyewitness identification evidence and to establish legal precedent in these areas. The department’s attorneys accomplish this through the filing of amicus briefs, consulting with and supporting defense attorneys across the country, representing individual clients, training attorneys and judges, and collaborating with the Innocence Project’s Policy Department to pass legislation, and collaborating with the Science and Research Department to promote the use of reliable and valid forensic methods.

Take a look at bite mark wrongful convictions and indictments in the U.S.

Litigation in action

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