News 12.19.17

Quiz: How much do you know about jailhouse informants?

By Innocence Staff

Answer these nine questions about jailhouse informants, and you’ll learn key information and outrageous facts about how informants play a role in our criminal justice system. Take the quiz and let us know how you did in the comments below.

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  1. Bryce Chaney says:

    My friend has been in prison / 34 years for a murder he never committed a jailhouse snitch lied under oath to get himself free of his charges then later recanted and told the truth which would clear my friend imprison but the judge is not believing it because he has lied before but this is the truth and nobody’s doing nothing about it his name is Rick Smith from council bluffs Iowa he will testify that he helped Craig mabbitt of council bluffs burn his bloody clothes after killing Christina Nelson of council bluffs on 1986 New years Eve which was Craig mabbitt girlfriend at the time but Craig mabbitt as police relatives and was never investigated

  2. Penelope B says:

    It won’t let me take quiz- nothing worse than the law using other people who may not want to be USED, but feel they have too! What’s the difference in forcing guilty to save a life when they may be innocent, basically not much? I saw a biography on a man forced to plead guilty of a fire that killed his little girls, he didn’t do it and was excited, he was poor and white, with injustice poverty is a key factor of sorry, often vindictive court appointed attorney’s, and race is NOT important, lives are! Justice needs to go beyond death penalty cases, race, mental illness, poverty will convict people every day and nothing changes! Wealth, power is a powerful tool but police tactics never change till you stop one thing,” arrogance” Police Training Reforms can’t stop, ” arrogance!” And so, it continues!

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