News 10.25.16

Innocence Blog Q&A with Hill Harper

By Andrew Giacalone and Carlita Salazar

“Whatever work we can do to find a way for innocent people to be released . . . I want to serve.” Hill Harper


This summer, actor, New York Times best-selling author and activist Hill Harper came by the Innocence Project office in New York City to meet staff and film a promotional video for an exciting Innocence Project project to be released in early 2017. During the visit, he sat down with us to discuss why he has decided to serve as an Innocence Ambassador and what everyone can do to help combat injustice in their everyday lives.

Watch the full interview here:

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  1. Debbie Thibodeaux says:

    This was a very moving blog. I myself have a love one incarcerated for 22 yrs for a crime that he did NOT commit in Texas of all places. Its heartbreaking because we have no more money to fight this wrongful conviction. My love one has become so bitter (SMH) and has really lost hope but he says he hasn’t . I just don’t know what to do anymore . His appellate attorney says that he knows he’s innocent , but unless new evidence is found the conviction can’t be overturned. Its so sad how the justice system just railroad innocent ppl. Take their lives and just throw them away. My love one was given a disproportionate amount of time for a robbery that he didn’t commit . He received 30 yrs to life and has served 22 yrs already. The young man that actually did this is incarcerated also in Texas . An affidavit was prepared for the guilty party to sign and he did but it was not admissible in court.

  2. chris g. says:

    You people do God’s work here on earth. The Lord looks out for you all and helps you. I live in Kansas City, MO, and am retired on Social Security, so I usually don’t have any extra money to pass around, but you folks would be a the top of the list if I could. God Bless You! I’m going to keep you in my prayers.

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