In-Custody Informants in Nevada

State statute requires prosecutors offices to maintain a complete and systematic record of every case the office prosecuted in which jailhouse informant testimony was provided pursuant to a cooperation agreement. The law also requires prosecutors to disclose specific information to the defense, within 30 days prior to trial, when they intend to use the testimony of a jailhouse informant. This information includes: a summary of the criminal history of the informant; a copy of any cooperation agreement; any benefit that has been or will be provided to the  informant in exchange for their testimony; details about the alleged statement made by the defendant to the informant and details of any statement made by the informant to a law enforcement officer; details relating to any occasion on which the informant recanted their testimony; and any other case known to the prosecuting attorney in which the informant testified in exchange for a benefit and the benefit offered or provided. Effective: 2023.

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