Exoneree Compensation in Oregon

A person who was convicted of one or more felonies and subsequently had the conviction(s) reversed or vacated, or received a gubernatorial pardon, is eligible to receive compensation at a rate of $65,000 per year of wrongful incarceration, plus $25,000 per year of post-release supervision. Additionally, the court may use its discretion in awarding a petitioner access to programs that provide services, including, but not limited to: counseling, housing assistance, eligibility for medical assistance, educational assistance, job training, legal services to regain custody of children, assistance with food and transportation and personal financial literacy assistance. Eligible people must file for compensation within two years of exoneration, and file formal notice of their intent to petition for compensation within 180 days of exoneration. Those who were exonerated prior to the law’s passage in March 2022 must file for compensation within two years after the law’s effective date, and file formal notice within 180 days after the law’s effective date. Effective: 2022.

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