Exoneree Compensation in Colorado

Requires the state compensate a person, or the immediate family members of a person, who has been: 1) wrongly convicted of a felony, or wrongly adjudicated as juvenile delinquent for the commission of an offense that would be a felony if committed by a person 18 years of age or older; 2) incarcerated; and 3) exonerated and found to be actually innocent. A person who is eligible to seek compensation from the state as an exonerated person, or the immediate family members of such a person, may petition a district court for an order declaring the person to be actually innocent and eligible to receive an order of compensation. Colorado inmates will receive $70,000 for each year wrongfully incarcerated, an additional $50,000 for each year on death row, and other assistance in the form of tuition waivers and healthcare from the state of Colorado. Effective 2013.

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