Support Recording Interrogations to Protect Innocent Washingtonians

Donovan Allen. Photo courtesy of the Washington Innocence Project.

Donovan Allen was only 19 years old when he was wrongfully convicted of the murder of his mother in Longview. Donovan discovered his mother’s body and called 911, but police honed in on him as a suspect and interrogated him multiple times over a couple of days until he eventually gave a confession that was consistent with law enforcement’s theory of the crime. Donovan spent nearly 16 years in prison before the Washington Innocence Project helped him prove his innocence with DNA evidence, which also proved his confession had been false. 

Recording interrogations provides a safeguard against false confessions and wrongful convictions by creating transparent, indisputable records of what happened during an interrogation. This year, Washington lawmakers are considering House Bill 1223 to provide a standardized system of mandatory recording of police interrogations. This legislation was requested by Washington State’s Uniform Law Commission and is supported by the Washington Innocence Project and other coalition partners. 

With uniform recording requirements, we can help ensure that what happened to Donovan doesn’t happen to other innocent Washingtonians. Sign up to support passing HB 1223 to require recording of interrogations in Washington. 


This campaign is in partnership with the Washington Innocence Project.

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