Free Pervis Payne

Pervis Payne hugging his attorney Kelley Henry on Nov. 23, after he was officially removed from death row. (Image: Laramie Renae/Innocence Project)

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Free Pervis who has fought for his innocence for 33 years on death row 

On Nov. 23, Mr. Payne was formally removed from death row, where he has been wrongly imprisoned for a crime he’s always said he didn’t commit. Mr. Payne had been facing execution in Tennessee, despite living with an intellectual disability that makes it unconstitutional to execute him. Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich finally conceded that Mr. Payne is a person with an intellectual disability, and announced she would stop pursuing the death penalty in his case. 

We won’t stop until Mr. Payne comes home to his family — here’s how you can help: 

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