It’s Time for New Mexico to End Qualified Immunity

Ron Keine

Abuse of power should have consequences. Help pass the New Mexico Civil Rights Act today. 

Ron Keine was wrongfully convicted in Bernalillo County and came within nine days of being executed for a murder he didn’t commit. The misconduct in Ron’s case was so egregious that several sheriff’s officers were fired, but his lawsuit to hold them accountable was dismissed because of qualified immunity — a judicial doctrine that shields state actors from liability for their misconduct, even when they break the law.

Because police officers rarely face criminal charges or internal discipline for misconduct, civil lawsuits are crucial for the wrongfully convicted to hold states accountable for rights violations.

The New Mexico Civil Rights Act (House Bill 4) finally provides a direct way to enforce the state constitution by allowing people to sue for violations of their constitutional rights, and banning qualified immunity as a defense. The New Mexico Civil Rights Act is about fairness, justice and equal treatment under law.

Help pass New Mexico Civil Rights Act by contacting your lawmaker: 575-210-5579

This campaign is in partnership with ACLU of New Mexico, Americans for Prosperity New Mexico, and The Institute for Justice.

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