It’s Time for New York to End Qualified Immunity

Call your lawmaker 518-818-6910 and urge them to support S182/A710 to repeal qualified immunity.

Qualified immunity is a judicial doctrine developed by the Supreme Court that shields public officials from liability for misconduct, even when they break the law. This means people can’t hold the government accountable when their civil rights are violated, like when law enforcement uses excessive force or engages in other misconduct. Subsequently, too many wrongfully incarcerated individuals never receive redress for injuries suffered at the hands of those who unjustly imprisoned them. 

New York should pass S182/A710 to:

  • Eliminate qualified immunity. This bill would remove the barrier that prevents public officials in power to avoid accountability.
  • Create a pathway to justice. Fully eliminating qualified immunity would allow people, including those wrongfully convicted, to sue for violations of their constitutional rights. It would provide exonerees with the financial justice they deserve after government officials violated their rights and unjustly took their freedom.
  • Ensure system-wide accountability. This would not only ensure that government officials can be sued for civil rights violations, but would hold the governing agency that employs them financially responsible.
  • Incentivize system change. The legislation would cover legal fees for New Yorkers whose cases lead to wider policy changes, enabling attorneys to take on larger, more complex cases.

Urge your lawmakers to pass S182/A710 and eliminate qualified immunity in New York. 


This campaign is in partnership with the Campaign to End Qualified Immunity in New York, which includes Americans Against Qualified Immunity, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, The Gathering for Justice, Legal Aid Society, VOCAL-NY, Westchester Coalition for Police Reform, and many more.

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