Watch: The 2023 Just Data Conference

Just Data: Advancing the Innocence Movement was a day full of connecting with folks from across the globe and discussing how data, science, and research can help change our criminal legal system. Watch the panels below.

Innocence Worldwide: Uncovering and Exploring Wrongful Convictions in Spain and Across Texas

The Systemic Thread of Racism: Expert Testimonies and Exoneration Timelines

Digital Dilemmas: Exploring the Intersection of Technology, Race, and Wrongful Conviction

From Data to Deliverance: Leveraging Research to Inform Post-Conviction Work

Impossible Choices: Innocent People and the Plea Bargain Dilemma

For those who watched, we’d love to hear your feedback to improve the conference for next year. Please take a moment to fill out this brief survey.

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