Kentucky Woman Likely to be Exonerated


A woman who has been granted a retrial by a Kentucky appeals court after someone else confessed they had committed the crime is likely to be exonerated, according to the Louisville


. Susan Jean King was convicted of manslaughter in 2008 for the 1998 slaying of Kyle Bredeen and sentenced to 10 years in prison. While maintaining her innocence, King pled guilty to the manslaughter charge rather than face a trial for murder and potential life sentence.



Kentucky Innocence Project

began investigating the case after doubts were raised about King’s ability to throw Bredeen’s body off of a bridge and into the Kentucky River, where it was found. King has only one leg and weighed just 97 pounds at the time of the crime. In May 2012, Richard Jarrell Jr. confessed to Louisville narcotics Detective Barron Morgan that he had killed Bredeen and two other people. Morgan sent Jarrell’s statement to the Kentucky Innocence Project.


Detective Morgan hailed the appeals court ruling, saying it vindicated both him and King, according to the


. Morgan won a $450,000 settlement from the city of Louisville for being demoted in violation of the state’s whistleblower act after he helped King by sending Jarrell’s statement to the Kentucky Innocence Project.


A circuit court judge had earlier rejected King’s request for a retrial, saying that he could not determine if Jarrell’s confession were true. In granting King’s retrial, the Court of Appeals noted the detailed and accurate nature of Jarrell’s confession and held that if the confession had been available when the case was first in court, it likely would have changed the result.


King spent more than six years in prison before serving out her sentence in 2012.

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Jfer Brown December 29, 2019 at 7:07 pm Reply   

Wow! Just watched this story. Hugs Susan for all the bs you have gone thru!! Little towns and pigheaded cops often pick on the innocent to make them look better. Shame on him and may his true judgement day be a long fall into hell!! This guy let an innocent disabled woman go to prison meanwhile “lost” evidence to put a killer behind bars? What is wrong with people!! You believe him? He is trained to be in the position he is in but “lost” evidence because it surely would make him look bad but nevermind the woman with disability who lost her life due to his negligence. And of course wanting the popularity vote. All those who recommend him obviously have some serious head issues! Shame and disgust I feel for most of our law. Such bs. This is not land of free. Our law and government are corrupt. Why have we turned into a twisted society? Because we allow those who are to protect us to lie and deceive. Susan know you have ppl who support you regardless of the “talk” of town. They all idiots. May peace and love surround you in many other ways. And I hope and pray you get every damn penny from that piece of crap. He needs to be knocked off the pedestal. God will judge him in the end. May you live the rest of your life in peace.

robert howard March 31, 2017 at 4:07 am Reply   

want to stay informed