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Last week, we asked people why criminal justice reform matters to them, and they responded.

Watch the online video here with some responses


Many people responded by sending us emails explaining why criminal justice reforms matter to them. It is clear that the issue of wrongful convictions is one that touches us all. Below are excerpts from two of the responses we received from advocates for reform:

"I am very much interested in criminal justice reform, because my very best friend in serving time in an Oklahoma prison for a crime that he did not committ and due to very inadequate representation by a public defender."

Katy – Enid, Oklahoma


"The more people like us who spread this message, the more people will respond, because everyone has been mis-used in some way…either small or large.

I was one of those persons who spent time for a crime I did not do. I truly believe in my heart that if the prosecutors did their job, I would not have gone to prison. I can relate to all the wrongly convicted."

Mary Ann – Port Neches, Texas


"Regarding why criminial justice reform matters, I would start by saying the these are people's lives we are talking about (similar to war).  As time is our most precious commodity, the notion of an innocent person spending time in prison is a tragedy of epic proportions. 

One cannot sufficiently compensate someone who has lost many years…so it is imperative to ensure beyond a shadow of a doubt that the innocent are not wrongfully convicted." 

Eric  – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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