News 03.25.11

Friday Roundup: Illinois Man Seeks DNA Tests

Terrill Swift was paroled in Illinois after spending 15 years in prison for rape and murder, despite the fact that

DNA testing performed during the original investigation excluded him

. Seventeen years old at the time, Swift confessed to the crime after police told him he could go home if he told them what they wanted to hear. He is seeking new DNA tests to prove his innocence.

The victim who mistakenly identified Thomas Haynesworth as her rapist 27 years ago expressed feelings of guilt and responsibility for his wrongful conviction in a

recent interview with the Washington Post


A bill that would require

pre-trial DNA testing of people arrested for serious crimes

is being considered in Pennsylvania.

A district attorney in Colorado is giving bonuses to felony prosecutors

who meet a predetermined conviction goal for the year


In their new book,


, Peyton and Dorothy Budd tell the stories of 12 exonerated men and how they sustained faith, hope and sanity in the aftermath of their wrongful convictions.

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