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Can You Answer 12 Questions about the Central Park Five Case?

By Alicia Maule

It’s been over 25 years since Yusef SalaamKevin RichardsonAntron McCrayRaymond Santana and Korey Wise were teenagers ferociously interrogated by police and persecuted by the media as suspects in the brutal assault of a female jogger in New York’s Central Park. The Central Park jogger case is symbolic of a justice system marred by racism and with the propensity to buckle under intense public pressure to close cases. Through their wrongful conviction, the exonerees have become powerful leaders in the innocence movement. Salaam, Richardson and Santana have joined the Innocence Project in the #EndNYWrongfulConviction campaign calling on New York to finally pass mandatory police interrogations recording and eyewitness identification reform so desperately needed to curb abuses they endured.

Take the quiz and join the Innocence Project in the #EndNYWrongfulConviction efforts:

Tell Gov. Cuomo to #EndNYWrongfulConviction

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  1. Shuo Yang says:

    Agreed. They were and have been proven 100 percent! Without a doubt!

  2. Free Courtney Bisbee, AZ! says:

    “A Broken Justice System – Cases in Point – Part 2 – The Case of Courtney Bisbee” by Phil Locke | Wrongful Convictions Blog 10/01/15

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