Belynda Goff is ‘Deserving of Clemency’


Belynda Goff is ‘Deserving of Clemency’

A recent column in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette called Belynda Goff’s case “appalling” and urged incoming Governor Asa Hutchinson to strongly consider granting clemency to Goff. 


Goff was convicted of murdering her husband Stephen Goff in their home in 1996, but has always maintained her innocence. There is strong evidence that Stephen was killed by people involved in an arson-for-hire group, from whom he may have stolen money. Belynda was convicted because of shoddy police work, as well as ineptitude and possible misconduct on the part of the prosecution. The evidence supporting Belynda’s evidence has been ignored by authorities for decades. 

The Innocence Project is currently conducting DNA testing of crime scene evidence that could prove Belynda’s innocence, but because pieces of crucial evidence have gone missing, testing may not be enough to vindicate Belynda. Subseuqently, the Innocence Project sent a letter to outgoing Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe, requesting that he grant Belynda clemency. 

If Gov. Beebe does not act by the end of his term, which soon expires, Gov.-elect Hutchinson should “take a careful look and do the right thing” and grant Belynda clemency, Democrat-Gazette columnist Mike Masterson writes, echoing the position of the Innocence Project and Belynda’s many supporters, all of whom believe in her innocence and want to see her freed.  

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Rosalie Krup June 6, 2019 at 1:40 pm Reply   

If Belynda Goff did not murder her husband Stephen, then who did? In 25 years no one else has been indicted for this crime. To learn more please read the appellate opinion in this case, and then make up your mind. I personally know the parents of Stephen Goff and Stephen’s brother and have seen up front how they have been hurt by the loss in their lives. Belynda was sentenced to life imprisonment — let her fulfill the sentence.

Cynthia Bennett April 12, 2018 at 9:02 pm Reply   

I was incarcerated with Belynda for a few years and am from the same county where she supposedly killed her husband. We talked so many times about her case and I never heard her change her story. She is such a kind and thoughtful woman and I honestly believe in her innocence. This is such an injustice to her and her family.She needs to be given the justice she deserves and set free!!!

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