Innocence Network

The Innocence Project is the headquarters of the Innocence Network, a coalition of nearly 70 independent innocence organizations dedicated to combating wrongful convictions.

Members of the Innocence Network provide investigative and post-conviction legal support to people in all 50 states and 12 other countries, as well as assistance for exonerees. As the network headquarters, the Innocence Project fosters connection between innocence organizations and helps raise the visibility of the shared mission of correcting and preventing wrongful convictions.

625 people exonerated with the help of 68 organizations since 2005.

The work of the Innocence Project and Innocence Network members have inspired a worldwide movement of organizations demanding justice for wrongfully convicted people. Today, there are global networks of innocence organizations in Latin America and Europe, and a burgeoning network in Asia.

The Innocence Project also houses the Network Support Unit (NSU), which works to build the capacity and sustainability of network organizations and their leaders. The NSU provides organizational development support to individual network members and organizes collective initiatives like the annual Innocence Network Conference and Wrongful Conviction Day.

The Innocence Network is a coalition of independent organizations and does not represent clients or handle cases. Legal representation is provided by individual member organizations within the network. If you are seeking legal assistance for yourself or a loved one, we encourage you to refer to the Innocence Network’s member directory to identify organizations that serve your area.

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