Support FY25 Funding for Innocence and Forensic Science Programs

Urge your members of Congress to support increased funding for innocence and forensic science programs in the FY25 CJS appropriations bill.

Currently, Congress is proposing FY25 funding for innocence grant programs and forensic science research.

Please support these programs by contacting  your members of Congress and senators today to urge them to robustly fund federal innocence programs at DOJ and NIST forensic science research at the Department of Commerce in the FY25 CJS Appropriations bill. These programs increase the accuracy and fairness of the criminal legal system; help address significant racial disparities and inequities; provide the strongest possible forensic science tools to all stakeholders; and generate greater public safety.

Call your lawmakers today by dialing 771-444-7882 or filling out the form above.

We've helped free more than 240 innocent people from prison. Support our work to strengthen and advance the innocence movement.