The Day After: What’s Next for Hank Skinner?


The U.S. Supreme Court issued a last-minute stay of execution last night for Texas death row prisoner Hank Skinner, stopping his execution just minutes before he was scheduled to receive a lethal injection.

The court’s stay is temporary, however, simply giving the justices more time to decide whether to take on a full review of Skinner’s appeal. If the court decides not to grant a review, the stay will terminate.

Innocence Project Staff Attorney Nina Morrison appeared last night on CNN’s “Larry King Live” to discuss the case, along with Skinner’s wife, North Carolina exoneree Greg Taylor and others.

Read a transcript here


Innocence Project supporters around the world took action in Skinner’s case, helping to raise the level of public awareness about his appeals. As we have reported, Skinner was convicted of a 1993 triple murder — a crime he has always maintained he didn’t commit. For more than a decade, he has been seeking access untested DNA evidence that could prove his innocence or guilt, but the courts have denied his appeals.

Download the Supreme Court’s full order in the case


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Sherry Adams April 3, 2018 at 3:43 am Reply   


After watching Death Row Stories, and discussing the basics with my 11 yr old grandson, Jeffrey, has asked me a very good question. He said, “Nana, did they check the camera footage in the evidence room”? I must say, I didn’t think about that. We were discussing how the jacket conveniently came up missing. We also discussed the fact that, for whatever reason, the arresting officer seems to literally hate Mr. Skinner. We are of the opinion the cop wants to see him dead, by any means necessary. One of the last comments made, in the show, was the arresting officer stating something like, ‘when he’s dead, that’s when I will have closure’. He made no mention of the families involved in this tragedy needing closure. Only closure for himself. SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG! How can the state put anyone to death with such overwhelming doubt floating around. I agree with Mr. Skinner, he doesn’t have to prove who did it, only that he didn’t do it. We feel there is so much inconsistency, there is no way he should be on death row, if in jail at all. I’m sure you guys & gals are working hard for Mr. Skinner, and I pray you prevail. God Bless you ALL, for what you do, and God Bless Mr. Skinner. We’re keeping him in our prayers. Thank you for taking the time to read our opinion.

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