Stand with Sedley Alley and the search for truth

Sedley and April Alley

I support DNA testing in Sedley Alley's case

Stand with April Alley and the Innocence Project in urging the Tennessee court or Governor Lee to order DNA testing of the evidence in Sedley Alley’s case

In 2006, Sedley Alley was executed by the State of Tennessee despite tell-tale signs of a wrongful conviction and DNA evidence that could have proved his innocence. On May 1, 2019, his daughter April Alley, requested the DNA testing her father was denied.

“I just want the truth. The DNA evidence should have been tested before my father was executed. It’s too late for my father, but it’s not too late to find the truth.” —April Alley

Will you add your name to let us know that you support testing the DNA in Sedley Alley’s case?

Sedley Alley in the Navy. Photo courtesy of the Alley family.

Learn more about this case: here and here.

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