I Support Compensating the Wrongfully Convicted in Rhode Island

Photo of Scott Hornoff by Sameer Abdel-Khalek.

Call your lawmakers 401-702-2445 to compensate Rhode Island's wrongfully convicted.

Scott Hornoff could have spent his life in prison for a murder he did not commit. Hornoff, a Warwick police detective at the time, was convicted of murdering a woman who he knew and sentenced to life in prison. Years later, another man confessed to the murder and Hornoff had his conviction vacated in 2003 after being wrongfully imprisoned for nearly seven years.

Rhode Island is one of the few states without a law to compensate the wrongfully convicted, so Hornoff received no financial assistance to rebuild his life from the state that unjustly took his freedom. He lost a stable career as a detective, faced an accumulation of old child support payments and was forced to depend on his wife’s income alone.

Nationally, 36 states provide some form of compensation to the wrongfully convicted—it’s time for Rhode Island to do right by its exonerees too. 

The House of Representatives passed a bill to compensate the wrongfully convicted unanimously and now it’s time for the Senate to pass this critical legislation as well. Use the form above to tell your state senators to pass SB 672 to give Rhode Island exonerees the compensation they deserve.


This campaign is in partnership with the New England Innocence Project.

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