Take Action to Safeguard Against Unreliable Jailhouse Informants

Stop the use of unreliable jailhouse informants

Sign the pledge today if you want to see your state adopt laws that prevent wrongful convictions stemming from the unjust use of jailhouse informant testimony.

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*FACT: Nationally, jailhouse informants have played a role in 156 proven wrongful convictions, according to the National Registry of Exonerations, which tracks both DNA and non-DNA exoneration cases. 

*FACT:  It is legal for the government to offer money, leniency in pending cases, reduced sentences, and special privileges in jail in exchange for informant testimony.

*FACT: Jailhouse informants can be used repeatedly in different cases.

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James Kluppelberg testifies before Illinois state senators in May 2017/ NPR Illinois /Brian Mackey)

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