Improving compensation for wrongly convicted in Massachusetts

How you can support the wrongly convicted in Massachusetts

Currently, in the Massachusetts Legislature, there is joint Senate/House Conference Committee now considering an important compensation reform recently passed by the Senate.  We need your help to make sure this measure is included in the final Criminal Justice Reform law.

People wrongly convicted in the Commonwealth receive too little too late after their release from prison. The Senate’s criminal justice reform bill would improve the law by streamlining compensation and services to the innocent, and raising the compensation cap to provide a fair, livable amount.

Please contact your state senator and representative today and ask them to sign the letter by Rep. Jeffrey Roy and Sen. Patricia Jehlen urging the Conference Committee to include the Senate’s wrongful conviction compensation updates (sections 209-218 of S. 2200) in the final Criminal Justice Reform bill. Constituents of the 6 conference committee members (Senators Brownsberger, Creem, and Tarr; Representatives Cronin, Mariano, and Harrington) can ask them to include the wrongful conviction compensation updates in their report on the Criminal Justice Reform bill.

Convicting and incarcerating innocent people is the worst injustice the Massachusetts legal system can impose on anyone. We need MA residents to stand up for the wrongfully convicted. You can make all the difference!

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