Stand with innocent people in Illinois: Vote “NO” on HB 2763

Tell your State Senator: Oppose HB 2763 a bill that weakens innocence protections. Call 872-228-2238 and we will connect you!

Eyewitness misidentification played a role in 71 exonerations in Illinois since 1989. Illinois passed a law in 2014 requiring best practices for preventing eyewitness misidentification, including using a blind administrator for live lineups. Just as in scientific procedures, “blind administrators” do not know the suspect’s identity, so there is no risk of suggestiveness.

House Bill 2763 would significantly weaken the law by allowing live lineups without a blind administrator.

Rolling back the law would come at too great of a cost. Live lineups were used in 18 wrongful convictions in Illinois and these cases cost taxpayers over $56 million in state compensation and civil payments.

Tell your state Senator to vote no on HB 2763.

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