Wrongfully Convicted Idahoans Deserve Compensation!

Chris Tapp with his wife Stacey

I Support Compensating the Wrongfully Convicted in Idaho

Christopher Tapp was exonerated of murder in 2019, after spending over 20 years wrongfully imprisoned. Chris was exonerated based on new DNA evidence that identified the real perpetrator so many years after he was coerced into falsely confessing to the crime and convicted based on no physical evidence.

Chris has finally regained his freedom, but now he faces the difficulty of life after exoneration in Idaho — one of only 15 states in the country that offers no compensation to the wrongfully convicted once they have been released.

In 2020, Idaho’s legislature nearly unanimously passed a bill to fix this injustice, but it was vetoed by the Governor. This year, Senate Bill 1027 provides a chance to get it right for exonerees.

Sign up to support SB 1027 and make sure exonerated Idahoans get the compensation they deserve. 


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