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Why I Give: Phoebe Frosch and Charlotte Erb

By Phoebe Frosch

Years ago, I investigated part-time for the Innocence Project at University of Virginia School of Law. I was so disturbed by the plight of our clients that I got licensed as a private investigator to work at the trial level. As an investigator for criminal defense attorneys, I’m committed to preventing unjust convictions.

This year, I received an email from the Innocence Project announcing the Five Borough Bike Tour. I forwarded it to my daughter Charlotte, who lives in New York City. I decided to come up from Virginia to train and participate. Charlotte has really motivated me to put in the miles and complete the ride.

Having worked with wrongfully convicted clients and their families, I have seen first-hand the depth of their loss, their outrage and their sorrow.

I feel that my donation fuels many facets of the fight for social justice. It helps the suspect that has given a false confession. It helps individuals profiled because of their ethnicity or past criminal records. It helps people harmed by incompetent and unethical lawyers, police detectives, judges and prosecutors. It helps to reform our criminal justice system. The Innocence Project insists that powerless people cannot be silenced and, as such, it embodies the very essence of the fight for social justice.

Phoebe Frosch is a criminal defense investigator based in Virginia and Charlotte Erb is the Special Events Associate at City Year in New York City. Support Phoebe and Charlotte in the Five-Borough Bike Tour. 

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  1. Shaheda Rizvi says:

    I would love to join this community and share my story.

  2. Elaine Vileria says:

    Phoebe, I have, for quite awhile now, been wanting to write a book about
    the injustices in the system, and that the system needs to be changed.
    A person’s life should not be in the hands of 12 next door neighbors,
    being influenced by lies, improperly handled crime scenes, lack of
    evidence, and lawyer drama. The whole system is antiquated, and
    needs reform. 1776 was a long time ago……240 years.
    I hear people say that this is the best system. These are people who
    have not dealt with the system. ‘Don’t fix it if it’s not broken’. It IS broken.

    Everything in this world has changed since then. I grew up with
    black and white TV. Computers were inconceivable, and, in high school,
    taking typing class, I was trained on a MANUAL, yes, manual, typewriter.
    This was the 60‘s, and the justice system goes back 200 years before
    that. Why am I using technology as an example? Probably because
    it is the most obvious to every average human being, where the justice
    system is not.

    I have my Masters degree in education. I am not a lawyer. I have, within the last few months, set up a criteria, and a list of topics to cover
    within each chapter…..from the numerous cases of injustices, and
    mishandled crime scenes, to the psychology and prejudices of a person that do not elude education.

    Before I go on, I am writing to you to see if you are interested in
    such a venture……or, at least want to hear more. You certainly are
    knowledgeable in the cases of injustice.

    My name is Elaine Vileria…… If you are
    interested in collaborating on a book, please let me know. I truly
    admire you, and what you are doing. Thank you, Elaine

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