Rosa Jimenez is innocent and needs your help

August 22, 2005; Rosa Jimenez, 22, was in Judge John Wisser's 299th district courtroom on Monday for jury selection. Jimenez is charged with the murder of a 21 month old baby she was babysitting about two and half years ago in 2003. Mandatory Credit: Laura Skelding/American-Statesmen - USA TODAY Network

Judges says she is likely innocent yet she's still in prison

Rosa Jimenez, an Innocence Project client, was convicted of murder in 2005 for the death of a 21-month-old in her care. The child choked on paper towels and later died from related complications, but several pediatric experts have found that the child’s death was consistent with accidental choking and that Jimenez did not cause his death. 

Four Texas judges have concluded that Jimenez is likely innocent, and one ordered that she be retried or released. Despite new scientific evidence in the case and these judicial determinations, Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore intends to retry Jimenez, who is suffering from Stage 4 kidney disease. After 17 years of wrongful conviction, Jimenez deserves freedom and access to medical attention immediately.

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