Help Fix Florida’s Compensation Law

Florida exoneree Robert DuBoise, following his exoneration in September 2020, in Tampa, Florida. Photo by Casey Brooke Lawson, the Innocence Project.

Add your name to fix Florida’s compensation law in 2021

Florida’s exoneree compensation law is broken. Only five of 31 exonerees have been compensated since the law passed in 2008.

In September 2020, Robert DuBoise was exonerated of a Tampa murder after spending 37 years in prison. However, the current compensation law bars people with prior convictions, and Robert had two minor offenses from when he was 17 on his record.

Clemente Aguirre-Jarquin was also wrongly convicted of murder in Tampa, and has been denied compensation because of the law’s unfair filing deadline.

This year Florida lawmakers are considering House Bill 589/Senate Bill 1114 to fix the law for exonerees like Robert and Clemente.

Add your name to help fix Florida’s compensation law in 2021.


This campaign is in partnership with the Innocence Project of Florida.

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