I support federal funding for innocence and forensic science programs

I support federal funding for innocence and forensic science programs

April 25th is World DNA Day and from the first DNA exoneration in 1989 to the 356th person exonerated in 2018, it’s our chance to celebrate how forensic science technology has helped free innocent people and prevent countless wrongful convictions.

Join us in calling on Congress to appropriate robust federal funding for critical innocence and forensic science programs. These programs increase the accuracy and fairness of the criminal justice system, help prevent wrongful convictions, provide the strongest possible forensic science tools to justice system stakeholders, and generate greater public safety for our nation.

Data from the National Registry of Exonerations show that the number of exonerations has significantly increased after federal innocence programs – including the Kirk Bloodsworth Post-Conviction DNA Testing Program and the Wrongful Conviction Review Program – began to receive funding in 2008 and 2009. Since 2008, 143 people have been freed thanks to DNA testing and this dramatic increase is in part a result of the federal decision to invest in these programs to help ensure the accuracy and integrity of the criminal justice system. With untold numbers of innocent people still fighting for their chance at justice, these outcomes show the power and need to continue investing in federal innocence and forensic science programs.

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Learn more about exoneration nationwide via the National Registry of Exonerations: here.

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