I support compensating the wrongly convicted in Ohio

I support compensating the wrongly convicted in Ohio

Call Governor Kasich 740-218-5185 and ask him to sign House Bill 411 into law!

Dec 13th update: The Senate has passed HB411- the bill now goes to the Governor and he has 10 days to sign it.

Dale Johnston spent 6 years on death row for a crime he did not commit because the state of Ohio illegally withheld evidence that pointed to the real perpetrators, who were eventually convicted.

Despite Johnston’s innocence, he hasn’t received a dime of compensation from the state that unjustly took his freedom. Ohio’s state compensation law is broken. House Bill 411 would fix the law to provide much-needed financial assistance to innocent Ohioans whose lives were shattered by wrongful conviction and to protect taxpayers by adding a provision to offset state compensation with any civil awards.

You can join the fight to ensure Dale Johnston and other exonerees receive the state compensation they deserve. 

Please call Governor Kasich and ask him to sign HB 411 into law.

This is a campaign in partnership with the Ohio Innocence Project.

Dale Johnston outside his Grove City, Ohio home. (Tim Johnson/Alive)

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